Fuzzy Logic System for Retrieval of Information in Electronic Libraries

  •  Ali Mohammad H. Al-Ibrahim    


This research represents one of the steps aimed to address one of the most important challenges on the Web and digital libraries, which is compute  the rank of the document’s, and its importance, and their relevance to the user and to meet their needs for information, and so by taking advantage of the vast potential of logic Fuzzy in dealing with this kind of problems, and provide high flexibility for the user to clarify the issues and areas that interested them.

This research is concernd on the design and implementation of a proposal for the information retrieval system, called Fuzzy Information Retrieval System(FZIRS). This system is designed to deal with a huge distributed database on a group of computers (servers) associated with the Intranet network specially designed to work the system, which includes different types and sizes of text files.

The proposed system has the ability for mining of data mining from the database and retrieve useful information from them and that meet the user's needs well.

This accomlished  through the applying of the proposed algorithms for indexing operations and calculate the rank of documents and generate keywords operations and display the  retrival results, which showed high quality when calculating results compared with other Information retrieving algorithms.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.