The Effectiveness Analysis of Loxon Body Mask on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cases Using a Rapid ARC Technique against the X, Y, and Z Coordinate On Board Imager in Radiation Therapy

  •  Samsun Samsun    
  •  Nursama Heru Apriantoro    
  •  Sriyatun Sriyatun    
  •  Wahyu Hidayat    
  •  Rudi Kurniawan    
  •  Singgang Pangestu    


Immobilization tools are used to reduce the movement during irradiation; one of the immobilization tools is Loxon Body Mask applied on the abdominal and pelvic regions. This study aimed to analyze the effectiveness of Loxon Body Mask against changes in X, Y and Z coordinates. The study took place in the Radiotherapy Installation of MRCCC Siloam Hospital Semanggi. Data were obtained from 10 secondary data samples of HCC patients with 20 times verification results consisting of X, Y, and Z coordinate values. Data on radiation area shift data were calculated to know the average and were analyzed graphically and statistically using one sample T-test. A shift at the X coordinate was 0.32 cm, Y coordinate was 0.20 cm, and Z coordinates was 0.34 cm. The application of Loxon Body Mask caused shifts in the radiation field; the causes could be imperfect mask application, the radiotherapy staff or the patients themselves.The average value of the shift in the radiation area in patients using Loxon Body Mask immobilization tool at X, Y, and Z coordinate was less than the tolerance value of 0.5 cm.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.