Grid-Connected Control of Wind Turbine with Differential Speed Regulation Based on Fuzzy Decision Makings

  •  Xiaoming Rui    
  •  Lubing Xie    
  •  Xiaochao Fan    
  •  Changkai Xiu    


To solve the problem of grid-connected control of differential speed-regulating wind turbines, the wind turbine, transmission chain, speed-regulating motor, and generator model of the unit are constructed using the MATLAB/Simulink platform. The differential speed-regulating control system is designed on the basis of slip-frequency and fuzzy control theories. The speed control function and characteristics on maximum power tracing of wind turbine is tested via simulation. Meanwhile, the experimental bench for the differential speed-regulating wind power system is set up. Test results indicate that the generator speed is controlled by speed-regulating motor with output voltage and frequency that are approximately synchronized with those of power grid under idle load condition. The maximum wind-power utilization coefficient is maintained by fuzzy controller under the rated wind speed. Thus, the accuracy and efficiency of the designed control system is proven and provide important implications for further investigations on the grid-connected control of wind turbines with differential speed regulation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.