Determining the Challenges Faced by Syrian Refugees Students at Jordanian Camps According to Their Perspective: A Case of Universities Role to Supporting

  •  Luma Fakhir AbduRazak    
  •  Reda Salamah AL Mawdieh    
  •  Asaad Ali Karam    
  •  Abdulsalam Yousef Aljaafreh    
  •  Mohammed Elias Al-Azzaw    


This study aimed to identify the most important challenges facing the Syrian refugee university students in Jordan camps, and the universities’ role in supporting them from their perspective, by providing answers to the following questions: What are the challenges that facing the Syrian refugee university students in Jordanian camps from their perspective? And what kind of support could Jordanian universities provide for the Syrian refugee university students from their perspective? This study employs a quantitative and qualitative approach and intends to explore the challenges and opportunities for Syrian refugee students in Jordan. The results show that the large number of Syrian Refugee University Students at Jordanian camps present challenges for local communities in meeting the needs of both the refugees and the host universities. Refugees face multiple challenges in Jordan:(1) Financial shortcomings; (2) legal issues including lack of documentation and restrictive host country policies; (3) Psychological and Family challenges. Findings of the study add to the understanding of the vital role of higher education in improving living conditions and giving a sense of hope for the future. The study offers policy and program recommendations to decision- and policy-makers for the national and international communities, donors and other institutions with the overall goal to improve and guide further practice and research in supporting access to higher education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.