Employer Branding: Creating a Sustainable Recruitment Plan in Large Corporates

  •  Mohannad A.M. Abu Daqar    
  •  Ahmad K.A. Smoudy    
  •  Milan Constantinovits    


The aim of this study is to attract talented employees by using non-traditional recruitment methods, such as online professional business networks. These methods should encourage potential employees to apply and join these companies. It also allows the company to position its image in its potential customers’ minds. Hence, this research contributes to how to position an image in potential employee’s minds and motivate them to be part of the company. The main objective of this study is to investigate how to maintain a continuous demand from potential employees; accomplished by providing an outline of a sustainable recruitment plan to be applied in the larger Palestinian corporates.

A questionnaire was distributed at employees and their HR managers at four large-scale corporations in West Bank, Palestine. The proposed models were analyzed on the basis of 100 responses related to four well-known large Palestinian corporates. The results indicate that 78.3% of the sample have a recruitment plan in their corporations. Moreover, most of the sample, over 50%, have job satisfaction. which can enhance and help corporations in building a good reputation. It also exploits its internal employees as a strategic marketing tool to build their real, good, and attractive employer branding. The study recommends that companies seriously consider their employees in their marketing strategy, similar to how they market their products and services. To accomplish this, they need to build a long-term relationship with employees in a way that affects the general profit of the corporate and assists the corporate to create and maintain the employer branding.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.