Employee Engagement Level: The Transform from Employee to Partner

  •  Mohannad A.M. Abu Daqar    
  •  Ahmad K.A. Smoudy    


Employee engagement recently has become a hot topic among the consulting firms and in the business press. The purpose of this study was to study and create further understanding of employee’s engagement levels and how to stimulate it to the maximum as long as possible. A survey was completed by 55 employees working in private and governmental organization in Palestine from governmental service, manufacturing, technology, telecommunication, financing and other services like retailer, NGO cultural to generate the output of having a higher employees involvement in the governmental sector rather than the private one due to multiple factors, and having a higher employee engagement in the private sector than the public one due to the more financial and personal recognition they get there. The revealed results stressed that organizations need to recognize employees as assets and customers. Business activities are key parts of the employee lifestyle, so it has a direct impact at his reaction, so if the organization didn’t control these reactions it will be the main drivers for his disengagement. Additionally, the employee engagement level is directly related to the efficiency of work and the overall company performance. The authors recommend adopting employee engagement transforming strategies by the public sector before the private one. Moreover, the study recommends that engagement transforming strategies must be employee-oriented not entity-oriented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.