Utilization of Blogging Platforms and Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills for Self-Reliance Among Educational Technology Students in University of Calabar

  •  Idongesit N. Udosen    
  •  Beatrice E. Upula    


In this rapidly changing world, the quest for self-reliance has always been the desire of many nations especially in the present face of global economic challenge. This study centres on using blogging platforms for acquiring Entreprneurial skills for Self-reliance among Educational Technology Students in University of Calabar. The study utilized the descriptive survey design. Three research questions were raised and three research hypotheses were stated to guide the study. The population comprised all the 39 final year educational technology students from university of calabar. Thirty-nine final year Educational Technology students were purposively adopted as sample size for the study. Linear regression was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The model summary table was used to answer research questions. The instrument for data collection was the utilization of blogging platforms for acquiring entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance questionnaire (UBPFESRQ). The instrument was face validated with a reliability coefficient of .80 using Chronbach Alpha Statistics.  It was found that the Use of blogger, wordpress and steemit had no significant relationship with acquisition of entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance among educational technology students in University of Calabar. Some recommendations were made to include that emphasis should be laid on entrepreneurial skills and educational technology tools such as design, production and modernization of indigenous resources among students through practices and innovations for achieving self-reliant generation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.