Retrieving Arabic Textual Documents Based on Queries Written in Bahraini Slang Language

  •  Ayat Amin Al-Jarrah    
  •  Ghassan Kanaan    
  •  Mustafa Abdel-Kareem Ababneh    


Nowadays, the most used language is the colloquial language not the classical language. It is widely used in many nations. The kingdom of Bahrain had the largest share in the spread of the colloquial language, which becomes the trader's language and the language of the social communication too. It became so popular that its usage starts dominating the daily conversations. In this research, we will create algorithm to enhance the process of information retrieval in Arabic slang language of the Gulf. In this algorithm, we put some special Bahraini rules to convert queries from Slang Bahraini to a classical language. In addition, we will apply this algorithm on the Bahraini colloquial language. After making an evaluation for the system relying on the results of three main aspects recall, precision, and F-measure, we noticed that the results of precision about 0.64 for both researches slang and classical, which gives a great indication that the system supports searching in Bahraini slang language. The purpose of this research is to improve the Information Retrieval system field. In addition, it will save the time and the effort of the researchers of the Bahraini colloquial language.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.