Enhanced Arabic Information Retrieval by Using Arabic Slang Language

  •  Mustafa Abdel-Kareem Ababneh    
  •  Ghassan Kanaan    
  •  Ayat Amin Al-Jarrah    


Slang language has become the most used language in the most countries. It has almost become the first language in the social media, websites and daily conversations. Moreover, it has become used in many conferences to clarify information and to deliver the required purpose of them. Therefore, this great spread of slang language over the world. In Jordan indicates that it is important to know meanings of Jordanian slang vocabularies. Mainly, In research system, we created a system framework allows users to restore Arabic information depending on queries that are written in slang language and this framework was made basically by context-free grammar to convert from slang to classical and vice versa. In addition, to conclude with, we will apply it on the colloquial slang in North of Jordan specifically; Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, Mafraq and AlRamtha city. As well as, we will make a special file for Non_Arabic words and the stop words too. After we made an evaluation for the system relying on the results of recall, precision and F-measure where the results of precision about 0.63 for both researches slang and classical query, and this indicates that the system supports searching in Jordanian slang language. The purpose of this research is to enhance Arabic information retrieval, and it will be a significant resource for researchers who are interested in slang languages. As well as, it helps tie communities together.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.