The Estimation of Hydraulic Properties from Geophysical Measurement of Subsoil Depend on Regression Equation

  •  Safaa F. Yasir    
  •  Janmaizatulriah Jani    
  •  Mazidah Mukri    


This paper illustrated an establishment relationship between electrical resistivity by using electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) technique and hydraulic conductivity. The test conducted in two locations (Kampung Semerbok, Rembau and Felda Bukit Rokan Utara, Gemencheh) in Malaysia. Schlumberger array configuration was adopted by using ABEM SAS 4000 with eighty-one (81) electrodes for first site and forty-one (14) electrodes for second site. The total length of resistivity survey line was 400 m and 200 m for site one and two respectively. Statistical analysis based on regression equation was involved to find the relationship between hydraulic conductivity and resistivity. This result was compared with the hydraulic conductivity obtained from pumping tests for the well which is located within the resistivity survey line range. This study showed a good relationship between resistivity and hydraulic conductivity and can be used as preliminary tool to assess subsurface zone with non- invasive non-destructive for the soil with reducing time and cost.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.