Study and Development of Inventory Management System for Frozen Food Business in Thailand

  •  Nachayapat Rodprayoon    
  •  Chuleekorn Chanasit    


The role of the current business competition in addition to the strategic competition, adjust the marketing model that focuses on reaching the customer exactly. One thing that is no less important than having a concept and adaptation that requires high market flexibility is the business management process. Starting from the process of receiving raw materials to get into the production process, send to the warehouse department to store the products systematically, including deliver the products to consumers promptly. For this reason, many companies around the world have adopted a warehouse management system for predicting, forecasting and checking the status of the products any time. It causes more efficient in internal business process management. At the same time, the type and size of the business cannot apply the same warehouse management system. With different type, size and form of operation process, many companies have an investment situation with an inefficient use of an information system in the organization. It is a wrong decision in applying various systems without considering the related factors. For the study and development of inventory management systems for frozen food business in Thailand, since there are many businesses facing problems of error checking product process, affecting other processes such as raw material forecasting for production, etc. In addition, they are small and medium-sized businesses which their working process managed by the business owner with not many employees. Investment in the use of information systems is therefore a risk in investing and adjusting the form of operations. The result of this research is to analysis the problem and to summarize the requirements for the development of inventory management systems in frozen food business in Thailand in order to respond to the operation process systematically.

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