Identifying of Intrapreneurship Behaviors: Case of Country in Transition Economy

  •  Mahmood Monfared    
  •  Alireza Khorakian    
  •  Ali Shirazi    
  •  Yaghoob Maharati    


Successful companies figure out that the most important elements in the organization are the ability to use the creativity of managers and employees through the recognition of their behaviors. One of the most important strategies for developing intrapreneurship in organizations is to improve and enhance the intrapreneurial behavior of employees, but what is deduced from the review of the history of the research is that most of the studies in the field of personality of entrepreneurs pointed to their characteristics and the type of properties is fewer studies, especially in developing countries and transition economies. The research is part of a series of research that seeks to identify and explore the components of intrapreneurial behavior in the organizations of Iran as a developing country, which is one of the economies in transition. This research is qualitative research in which a thematic analysis approach has been used. The statistical population of this project is selected among 170 competent firms. The findings of the study showed that 27 components of intrapreneurial behaviors in the organization, including 10 personality-based intrapreneurial behaviors and 17 effective entrepreneurial behaviors affected by the environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.