Career Development among Entry-Level Employees: A Case Study on Employee’s in United Arab Emirates

  •  Abdelkarim Fuad Kitana    
  •  Asaad Ali Karam    


Career development is an integral part of personal and professional growth of the employees, so that, the alignment of the career objectives with the roles that the new employees are playing in the organization is evaluated and analyzed to identify their individual competencies, while, as per finding of the study where finding the following factors are most affecting on individual competencies Career management competencies (CMC) with T-statistics (14.545), Goal setting competencies (GSC) with (13.834), Skill development competencies (SDC) with (13.716), which that help in deriving its influence on their career growth across a course of time is determined, however, the newly hired employees in the organization can be provided with training related to their career goals, therefore, the development of a personal goals is very important to ensure that you excel your own performance and exceed your expectations in the organization.

The results are derived by obtaining data from the participants that are the employees in different organizations in the UAE, the perspective of the new employees related to their career aspiration and the opportunity to attain them by working in their current organization is determined, moreover, The factors that the employees consider, during, selecting process is obtained in the recruitment period. It can be concluded that values, mindset, perception, vision of the employees affect their decision of selecting a company to guide their career objectives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.