Understanding Structural Style of Onshore Timor Basin from Detailed Fieldwork

  •  Agus Handoyo Harsolumakso    
  •  Benyamin Sapiie    
  •  Alfend Rudyawan    
  •  Herwin Tiranda    
  •  Ezidin Reski    
  •  Reni Fauziah    


Hydrocarbon exploration in Eastern Indonesia region is mainly concentrated in the related convergent area such as Timor Basin. This area is characterized by the development of complex imbricate thrust-fold-belt deformation involving sedimentary sequence from the Australia continental margin. However, the exploration has not been successfully found the potential economic reserve. Our study utilized extensive and detailed fieldwork campaign  presents the structural style on the onshore region of the Timor Basin. Thick-skinned and thin-skinned thrust faults are both presents in West Timor area divided by the syn-orogenic basin. The change in decolement surface is likely to be caused by inversion structures under the thrust sheets. Our present interpretations indicate that these inversion anticlines structure are likely to occur both onshore and offshore.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.