Assessment and Selection of Contractors in Specific Contracting Projects with Supply Chain Approach, Using GRAY and AHP Methods as Decision Support

  •  Sara Najiazarpour    
  •  Homa Pouresfandyani    


In our current conditions, it is not possible for all contractors to participate in specific construction project tenders due to the social, political and many other circumstances. Therefore, employers select appropriate contractors in two qualitative and quantitative stages; the second stage criteria are more important than the first stage. In this research, different stages for the evaluation and ranking of contractors in tenders of projects with specific conditions have been investigated. Researchers have tried to provide a comprehensive and complete approach to select a more appropriate contractor as an optimization method. In the first stage of the tender, the researchers used the GRAY method to rank contractors. In the second stage, they used AHP method to assess and rank the criteria of the contractors brought to this stage. Finally, the appropriate contractor selected and announced to the employer.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.