The Relationship Between Perceived Human Resource Management Practices and Turnover-Intention: The Mediating Role of Organizational Attractiveness

  •  Ahmad M. Obeidat    


This study examines whether employees’ attraction to the organisation mediates the relationship between their perceptions of human resource management (HRM) practices (as a bundle) and their turnover intentions. Hypotheses were developed based on the propositions of social exchange theory, findings of previous research and theory of reasoned action. Survey data were collected from 297 individuals who work in organisations operating in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Subsequently, the proposed relations were tested. It was found that: 1) perceived HRM practices is negatively and significantly related to turnover-intention; 2) perceived HRM practices is positively and significantly related to organisational attractiveness; and 3) organisational attractiveness is negatively and significantly related to turnover intention and partially mediates the negative relationship between perceived HRM practices and turnover intention. The implications of these findings for line managers and HR practitioners are also discussed in addition to future research directions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.