The Introduction of Redundancy for Recognizing Freely Oriented Images based on Parallel Shift Technology

  •  Saleem Issa Al-zoubi    
  •  Stepan Bilan    
  •  Sergey Yuzhakov    
  •  Mykola Bilan    


The method of description and recognition of images based on the technology of parallel shift is described. To recognize images, one characteristic feature is used - the area of the image. The main characteristics of the complex image area are described. The method allows specialists to determine the orientation of the image, as well as recognize symmetrical images that have the same functions of area of intersection. To solve the problem, additional elements are introduced on one of the edges of the image, and additional quantitative characteristics of the area are introduced. According to the obtained quantitative characteristics of the function of the area of intersection of the image areas, about the form of the image are decided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.