A New Dataset method for Biomechanical Training Model of the Free Throws Shots in Basketball Using Image Processing Technique

  •  Sumaia Saraireh    
  •  Ahmad Hassanat    
  •  Mohammad Abu Al-Taieb    
  •  Hashem A Kilani    


This work provides a new dataset method intended to build a biomechanical training model for the free-throws shots in basketball. Eight youth players from Jordanian secondary public school were video recorded from the sagittal plane executing free throw shots in basketball. Collectively (480) video clips were recorded and analyzed using image processing techniques to identify the ball track. Video processing involves extracting (11) different parameters that may affect the free throw in basketball game after detecting the ball trajectory. Creation of this dataset and its subsequent use for extracting free-throws information yielded several insights. First, a set of most important features were identified as those affecting the free-throws score in basketball. Second, our data set can be trained and tested using machine learning classifiers for building a new biomechanical training model based on set of rules that can be useful for both trainers and trainee to rehearse on successful free-throws in basketball. The dataset is being made publicly available at www.ju.edu.jo.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.