The Effectiveness of Religious Psychological Counseling Based Program in Reducing Psychological Stress among Mothers of Disabled Children

  •  Yahya Al-Qatawneh    
  •  Saleh Al-Khawaldeh    


The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a religious psychological counseling based program in reducing the level of psychological stress of a sample of mothers of disabled children. The sample was intentionally chosen from Al Amal Center for Multi- Disabilities. The sample of this study was assigned randomly into two groups: an experimental group which consisted of (15) mothers who received the training program and a control group which consisted of (15) mothers who did not receive the training program. The researcher administered a pre -post scale on both groups before and after the implementation of the training program to test hypotheses of the study and calculate means, standard deviations, MANOVA and ANCOVA. The results revealed significant differences between the means of the two groups (experimental and control) in favor of the experimental group. Such results were evidenced through a two -month follow up that followed the training program. The study recommended conducting further research on the impact of religious counseling in reducing psychological stress.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.