Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut and Eurofighter Typhoon Models Flow Visualization and Performance Investigation Using GAMA Water Tunnel

  •  Sutrisno .    
  •  Febryanto Nugroho    
  •  Yogi Adi Pratama    
  •  Sigit Iswahyudi    
  •  Setyawan Bekti Wibowo    


Changes and modifications to the wings of fighter aircraft were carried out, one of which was the forward swept wing which was a moderate wing that continues to develop. There were also types of delta wings that had been applied to many fighter planes. Both types of aircraft wings had certainly different aerodynamic characteristics. This research would study the flow visualization that occurs in the aircraft model body to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of the forward swept wing and delta wing. This study used a water tunnel to observe the aerodynamic flow and forces that occurred in both types of wings. This visualization test used similar aircraft models: SU-47 Berkut and Eurofighter Typhoon. The results provided flow visualization, coefficient of lift (Cl), and coefficient of drag (Cd) which showed that the stall that occurred on the aircraft model similar to the SU-47 Berkut occurred at an angle of attack (AoA) 500 with a Cl max value of 2.66. Meanwhile, the Eurofighter Typhoon stall model occurred at an angle of attack 450 with a Cl max value of 1.48.

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