Requirements for the Terminology Definition in the Arabic Lexicons of Critique and Eloquence

  •  Qutaiba Habashneh    
  •  Abbas Abbas    
  •  Ibrahim Rababah    


Knowing the status of defining expressions requires the knowledge of the conditions that must occur in this definition to have a full meaning, leading to its original purpose, which also leads to a general agreement about this definition among specialists.  The status quo of expressions in dictionaries requires recognition of a set of conditions that govern the definition of an expression in a dictionary a govern the expression itself (connoted and denoted). This study has established some basic conditions. For example, the definition should connote the essence of the item, its gender, division and be equal to the thing it defines. The search for conditions of definition is indeed a search to achieve three purposes: giving the expression its position in the structure of knowledge, agreeing on the specific meaning of the expression, and enabling non-specialists to somehow understand the expression. The research concludes that the general conditions that characterize the definition of expression are clarity, accuracy, and completion.

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