Radial Line Slot Array Antenna Feeder Design Using Optimization Algorithm

  •  Iliya S. Zakwoi    
  •  Soyinka O. Kolawole    
  •  Ogbeide O. K    
  •  Omeiza I. O. A    


High Bandwidth is required today to meet the demands for high data rates needed for future Direct-to Home (DTH) services in Ka-Band. In this work, the Brainstorm Optimization (BSO) method for the feeder architecture design is utilized to meet this need at 28GHz. The BSO is used as tool for the optimization of the beam squinted antenna feeder parameters in terms of air gaps, radial cavity dimensions and dielectric thickness needed for the optimal customization of the conventional Sub-Miniature A (SMA) connector for enhanced bandwidth realization in Ka Band at 28 GHz required for Direct to Home Services (DTH). Solutions values realized from the BSO algorithm using MATLAB computations were included in a visual BASIC program in the macros of CST 2017 microwave suites for pattern generation and antenna radiation characteristics computations A radiation efficiency value of 95.97% was achieved, an Impedance Bandwidth of 99.61% and Gain of 23.09dBi were achieved. Results were compared with earlier studies on Ka Band at 28GHz and the results shows an improvement in the bandwidth and directivity values.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.