Influence of Transformational Leadership Style on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Knowledge

  •  Tuqa Mohamed AlOwais    


Today's business organizations necessitate a new leader who can easily confront a new business approach that mainly based on knowledge and innovation to simplify the organization's path toward global marketing trend. Still; organizations sometimes flop to reach sustainable global competitive advantage due to their imperfect consideration of the relationships between these strategic variables.

In fact, and up to our knowledge, few researches has consider and examine the direct and indirect associations linking these variables. Our study tries to fill this gap by investigating, theoretically and empirically, how the leader's discernment of diverse intermediary strategic variables related to innovation and knowledge (knowledge slake, absorptive capacity, tacitness) and innovation impact the relation between transformational leadership and organizational global competitive advantage. Based on recently published researchers, we developed a theoretical model that demonstrate the actual connection linking these variables.

Most of the data has been collected through secondary resources including journals, books and related research papers. While a questionnaire was used to collect data samples from 50 respondents from Telecommunication Regulatory Authority leaders and employees in UAE, model testing also conscious the findings and deliver some conclusion from business leaders to confirm the relations tested among this research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.