Degree of Availability and Practice of Level 5 Leadership by the Principals of Palestinian Private High Schools Based on Jim Collins Concepts

  •  Majida Ahmad Aljaloudi    
  •  Ahmad Battah    


This study aimed to explore the reality of leadership in Palestinian private high schools, as well as to explore the degree to which principals of these schools practice the required leadership style to move institutions from good to great, based on Jim Collins concepts. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the theoretical literature and previous relevant studies were reviewed. A questionnaire was developed to collect the study data about the leadership reality in Palestinian private high schools, from the point of view of teachers and principals themselves. The study instrument consisted of (78) items, divided into seven domains: Leadership qualities, recruitment properties, organizational characteristics, vision, organizational culture, technological culture and building the driving force of work. After verifying the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, It has been applied to the study sample that amounted to (644) of both principals and teachers of Palestinian private high schools, whom they were selected using the stratified random sample.

The findings showed that the degree of availability of leadership qualities among principals of private high schools in Palestine was moderate, for all of its domains and items. The study revealed the existence of statistical significance differences attributed to the variables of gender, job title, years of experience and scientific qualification. The study recommended to prepare training programs for school principals according to the fifth level of leadership, and to conduct analytical and realistic studies of the internal and external environments of Palestinian private schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.