Competitiveness of SMEs from the Insertion of Strategic Planning and Human Resource Management as a Tool for Continuous Improvement

  •  Santander de la Ossa    
  •  William Niebles    
  •  Hugo Hernández    
  •  Alvaro Santamaria    
  •  Leonardo Niebles    


The orientations in topics of competitiveness suggest at present, that a company obtains greater income when implanting or developing strategies of businesses that incorporate focuses like competitiveness and sustainability. Thus, organizational efforts are being directed in this line of work. Therefore, it is proposed as an objective for this research to know how SMEs is promoting the issue of competitiveness in their organizations and which aspects are the most outstanding of this process. The methodology used was qualitative and based on the documentary review of specialized scientific publications; at the end reflections are made from the holistic approach to highlight the components that contribute most to the subject of cited. The results point to a scenario of greater dynamics in issues of globalization and competitiveness, as the progress made from the research suggests that growth in these topics will undoubtedly be a motor of great importance to achieve important results for any type of organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.