Strategic Management for SMEs: For the Projection to Global Markets

  •  Wilson Cradazco    
  •  William Niebles    
  •  Hugo Hernández    
  •  Lorena Hoyos    
  •  Santander De la Ossa    


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a driving factor in the Colombian economy, being fundamental for the generation of most of the country's employment; their limited conditions lead these organizations to face challenges to achieve a sustained position in the market and favorable returns.  In this sense, strategic planning is presented as a response to the need to structure its actions according to the fulfillment of visions, missions and objectives coherent with the reality of its position in the market, and its internal conditions.  This is how this research proposes an analysis of the main contributions of the use of methodologies, techniques and strategic management tools in SMEs, highlighting their contribution to the establishment of successful marketing plans, innovation and commitment of employees, as well as the integration of stakeholders. The methodology applied was of mixed cuts, since quantitative and qualitative paradigms were combined. The results allow to glimpse a great disposition on the part of the SMEs for the strategic management, nevertheless, there are few resources that are managed for such purpose.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.