Laser Shock Peening Application as Alternative Method to Determine the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum

  •  Nargis Zamil Abdulzahra    
  •  Saad Naji Abood    


The structural, physical, and mechanical properties of laser-induced shock peening (LSP) of Aluminum before and after depositing films of different metals (Cu, In, and Al) were investigated. The deposition of single and double films was conducted, and the physical property (density), shockwave properties (shock pressure, particle velocity, and shock velocity), mechanical properties (stress, strain, Young's s modulus, and Hardness) were calculated, Young's s modulus measured of aluminum was measured by classical method (Tensile test ) and by LSP technique, and it was found that the measured using LSP is closer to the standard value than classical method .Single film Cu and sandwich Al / Cu deposited on Al substrate showed an enhancement in the mechanical properties rather than other films, while the deposited films of (In, In / Cu, and Al /In) on Al substrate revealed more strain and higher ductility than others.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.