Evaluation of a Warm Mix Asphalt Manufactured with Blast Furnace Slag

  •  Hugo Rondon Quintana    
  •  Saieth Chaves-Pabón    
  •  Diego A. Escobar    


The study evaluated the response under monotonic loading (Marshall and indirect traction) and the resistance to moisture damage and abrasion of a warm mix asphalt (WMA) manufactured with an additive called HUSIL, when the coarse fraction of the aggregate was replaced by a blast furnace slag (BFS). In conclusion, it is reported that the additive is capable of reducing the manufacturing temperature of the asphalt mixture by 30 ° C. Additionally, the BFS can be used as a partial substitute for the coarse fraction of aggregates in WMA, since when replacing it in 21%, the mixture reach a significant increase in stiffness, resistance to moisture damage, and similar resistance to abrasion with respect to the control asphalt mixture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.