Designing and Implementing Applications of Smart Home Appliances

  •  Hamzah M. Marhoon    
  •  Mohammed I. Mahdi    
  •  Ehab Dh. Hussein    
  •  Ahmed R. Ibrahim    


Smart house or automation house and security system has been developed in the recent years because its importance to provides the energy saving, comfort for the elderly and security to the house owners. This paper proposed to design a low cost and flexible home prototype system for controlling and monitoring. The proposed design based on two parts; first part, automation system was building by using Arduino UNO microcontroller which responsible on reading and processing the different types of sensor values that's used in the design such as gas leak, flame and temperature as well as the remote control used in automatic garage door. The second part is security system and outdoor lighting the NodeMCU will be used to monitor the state of the house security from anywhere through a special GUI was programming by HTML language that allows the user to monitor the house security as well as extinguishing and operating the outdoor light via specific IP address granted by the NodeMCU.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.