CRUSH: A New Lossless Compression Algorithm

  •  Evon Abu-Taieh    
  •  Issam AlHadid    


Multimedia is highly competitive world, one of the properties that is reflected is speed of download and upload of multimedia elements: text, sound, pictures, animation. This paper presents CRUSH algorithm which is a lossless compression algorithm. CRUSH algorithm can be used to compress files. CRUSH method is fast and simple with time complexity O(n) where n is the number of elements being compressed.Furthermore, compressed file is independent from algorithm and unnecessary data structures. As the paper will show comparison with other compression algorithms like Shannon–Fano code, Huffman coding, Run Length Encoding, Arithmetic Coding, Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW), Run Length Encoding (RLE), Burrows-Wheeler Transform.Move-to-Front (MTF) Transform, Haar, wavelet tree, Delta Encoding, Rice &Golomb Coding, Tunstall coding, DEFLATE algorithm, Run-Length Golomb-Rice (RLGR).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.