The Ride-Hailing Mobile Application for Personalized Travelling

  •  Ziad Hunaiti    
  •  Mohammed Al Masarweh    
  •  Zayed Huneiti    
  •  Ahmad Alshebailat    
  •  Marzia Hoque Tania    


Theadvancement of smartphones, global positioning system, and information technologies have a great influence on our travelling preferences and behaviour, dynamically shaping the transportation industry. In addition to providing convenience to the riders, it also has created some debate among the stakeholders, including the policy makers. This paper presents a quantitative study of Taxi service experience in Jordan. The aim of the study is to evaluate Jordanians’ experiences with yellow taxi services, assess their opinion toward advantages and disadvantages of Uber taxi services in Jordan and obtain opinions on the expected future of Uber taxi services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.