A Statistical Study to Determine the Production Capacity of Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies based on the Number of Working Hours Using the Assignment Problem

  •  Mohammad Almasarweh    
  •  Ahmed Atallah Alsaraireh    
  •  Ra’ed Masa’deh    


This study sheds light on the productive capacity of the worker an important component at work. In this research, the worker's production capacity was studied and linked to the time factor (number of working hours per worker). A group of Jordanian pharmaceutical companies was selected and you choose a sample size of 30 workers with a stratified sample. We have adopted the Assignment problem to find the optimal solution to produce each factor and compare it with the actual results obtained. Also, we presented the analysis of this study in the method of analysis of variance to reach the following hypotheses; there are significant differences between production averages, and there are no significant differences between production averages.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.