Saudi Online Courtship Script: Qualitative Interviews of Using Matrimonial Websites among Saudi Users

  •  Ayman Bajnaid    
  •  Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri    
  •  Ala’a Hamdi Gharibeh    
  •  Ala’a Hamdi Gharibeh    
  •  Mahmoud Maqableh    


While traditional Saudi Arabian courtship is rigidly structured according to Islamic codes of conduct, Saudis over the past decade have increasingly turned to unconventional means, e.g., matrimonial websites, to find and court a potential spouse. Using qualitative semistructured interviews (N = 36), the analysis of the data revealed four main categories that demonstrate the reasons behind Saudis joining matrimonial websites: more opportunities, freedom from the limitations of offline interactions in Saudi culture, personal reasons, and encouragement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.