The Impact of Knowledge Documentation Process as an Intermediary Variable among Knowledge Acquisition Process, Organizational Culture and Human Capital

  •  Farah Hanna Saleem Zawaideh    
  •  Mohammad Issa Al-Zoubi    
  •  Shadi Habis Abualoush    
  •  Raed Kareem Kanaan    
  •  Ra’ed Masa’deh    


The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact knowledge acquisition process, knowledge documentation process, on human capital, and impact organizational culture on documentation process, Accordingly, a questionnaire-based survey was designed to test the aforementioned model based on dataset of 302 employees’ from the National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) in Jordan, questionnaires which include 29 items were used to gather information from the respondents. Multiple regression and simple regression analyses were conducted to test the research hypotheses. This study identified knowledge acquisition and knowledge documentation are the most important factors affecting the accumulation of human capital. The results indicated that knowledge acquisition process and knowledge documentation process positively and significantly affect human capital. However, organizational culture did not prove to be positively related to knowledge documentation process. Moreover, knowledge documentation process positively and significantly mediated the relationship between knowledge acquisition process and human capital. The results have enormous implication for the government sector in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.