The Influence of Knowledge Management Uses on Total Quality Management Practices in Commercial Banks of Jordan

  •  Bader Obeidat    
  •  Lama Hashem    
  •  Ra’ed Masa’deh    


This study examines the influence of knowledge management uses on total quality management practices in commercial banks of Jordan.A quantitative research design, using regression analysis was applied in this study and a total of 250 valid returns were obtained through a questionnaire distributed to the employees of commercial banks in Jordan. Knowledge management uses was adopted as an independent variable with four subgroups: knowledge acquisition, knowledge storage, knowledge transfer and knowledge application. Total quality management practices were adopted as dependent variable with five subgroups: top management support, employee's involvement, continuous improvement, customer focus, and data driven decision management.The results show that knowledge management uses significantly affects total quality management practices at three of its dimensions (knowledge acquisition, knowledge storage, and knowledge transfer) but it showed that no effect on knowledge application. The implications of this study are discussed at the end of this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.