Measuring Parallel Performance of Sorting Algorithms

  •  Saher Manaseer    
  •  Ahmad K. Al Hwaitat    


The performance evaluation of sorting algorithm play a major role in understanding the behavior which has great benefit in most of the field of sciences, knowing the difference between parallel and sequential performance will help the researchers to choose the best algorithm bucket and bubble sort to use and implement. In this research we study the performance of two sorting algorithm and evaluate the difference in performance in aspect of speed up and efficiency, the two algorithms has been tested on IMAN1 super computer with different evaluate input size and different number of processors. The results showed that he performance of runtime for the bubble and bucket sorting algorithms has been effectively reduced by the parallel computing over the large data size and the number of processor of 64 get the lowest running time, and the parallel performance was better than other methods.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.