Distributed Detection and prevention of Web Threats in Heterogeneous Environment

  •  Saher Manaseer    
  •  Ahmad K. Al Hwaitat    
  •  Riad Jabri    


The growth of web Applications have increased rapidly due to the huge development of technology with very short turnaround time and with this development the protection from vulnerabilities became very difficult. There is a continuous demand for developing new methods that is able to prevent the fast growth of attacking methods and vulnerabilities. Furthermore there is a great demand to have coordination between different security infrastructure and protection applications to distribution of the attack log in order to prevent the attacker from further attacks to other web hosts. This research proposes a distributed web firewall defensive mechanism which provide a synchronized environment that is consists of several synchronized web application firewalls. Every web application is protected by a web application firewall that send feedback reports that include the type of the attack, The IP Address of the attacker and time of attack to other synchronized firewalls inside the environment to take action against the attacker.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.