The Known and Unknown of Mankind at the Times of Globalization

  •  Yue Yang    


One of prominent traits for the time of globalization is information inflation and knowledge explosion. On one hand, human knows the nature more agreeably and the knowledge of nature tends to be more specific. Most are known. On the other hand, human understand the society more contrarily and the knowledge of society tends to be more confusing. Most are unknown. When and even before we are engaged in solving these globalization issues, it is extremely necessary to review and sequence human known knowledge and hope-to-know knowledge. In this paper, the author makes a comparative analysis of the unbalanced development of two kinds of knowledge systems at the time of globalization, and proposes a wish: promote human progresses and create a beautiful future by driving the balanced development of two kinds of knowledge systems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.