Regulatory Impact Assessment Role in Developing Participatory Work between Civil Society Organizations and Jordanian Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs

  •  Amani G. Jarrar    


The study points out the role of regulatory assessment in developing participatory work in Jordan focusing on both civil society organizations and Ministry of Political & Parliamentary Affairs. Jordan, nowadays ,has a rapidly evolving policy and regulatory environment. The problem that is rooted in our societies and national institutions manifests in the absence or lack of coordination in order to achieve the desired results that are planned to reach, namely the efficiency and effectiveness of the institutional performance of all sectors, especially the development sectors. The study poses the questions dealing with empowering a decentralized RIA System in Jordan, mainly: Determining the policies to be achieved to solve the problem, identifying the problems to be treated, determining the appropriate option for policy enforcement, determining the type of legislation required, determining who is responsible for preparing these legislations, and identifying the necessary legal and administrative mechanisms required. The research used the descriptive analytical, methodology. The study proposes an institutional mechanism of the (RIA) in Jordan. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.