The Mass Line Is the Core Ideas and Values of the Communist Party of China

  •  Jiayue Quan    
  •  Liqiong An    


The mass line is the concentrated reflection of world outlook, the outlook on life and values of the communist party of China. From the epistemological dimension, the party's mass line is the Chinese Communist Party, according to the general principle of the Marx doctrine, closely combining the actual China, gradually formed in long-term revolution, construction and reform practice in the process of correctly handling the relationship between the party and the masses of the people the route; From the theory of value dimensions, the party's mass line adhere to the basic value goal, “for the people", pay attention to the reality needs of people, put together happy concern members of society rich, achieve comprehensive development of human freedom as the ultimate value pursuit. The party's mass line is the unity of the truth theory and value theory, a high degree of unity consciousness and firm hold to productivity standard and people's interests standard is the inevitable requirement of the practice of the party's mass line.

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