Protecting Related Creations to Fashion in the Framework of Literary and Artistic Property Rights of Iran and France

  •  Sattar Zarkalam    
  •  Amin Rooholamini    


In today’s world where the process of development and the industry is evolving more rapidly than expected, the legal notions are going forward on their compliance in line with these developments. The increasing development of intellectual property rights and their samples is an example of this change. One of the most important issues and instances of this tendency in legal rights is associated with fashion productions and creations. France, as one of the greatest leading country in fashion industry since long time ago, has legally protected the dress and beautiful creations in the intellectual property rules and in the different time periods, under the various titles, including the drawings and models rights, industrial property rights, literary and artistic property rights. French jurisprudence has broadly interpreted the concept of the fashion industry and consequently, the dress and beauty creations that have evolved not only the goods, but all parties involved in the production of the fashion industry. In Iranian law also, although there is no progress in this field compared to French law, with an optimistic interpretation of the rules of its intellectual property, it can be associated with Droit d'-auteur rules in addition to the industrial property rights under different titles such as design and drawings, Applied artwork, folklore etc.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.