18 Years of Decentralization Experiment in Indonesia: Institutional and Democratic Evaluation

  •  Rudy Rudy    
  •  Yusnani Hasyimzum    
  •  Heryandi Heryandi    
  •  Siti Khoiriah    


Big Bang decentralization in Indonesia had been begun since 1999 as the appeasement of many problems facing Indonesia after the fall of authoritarian rezim in 1998. This path had been suggested as all solution on local development by international donors such as World Bank and supported by many experts. Within the context, this paper evaluates the experiment of decentralization in Indonesia within the perspective of good governance and democracy. Using institutional design analysis coupled with empirical observation, this paper examines the problem within the legal institutional instrument and democratization in the local level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.