General and Specific Conditions of Arbitration Agreement

  •  Masoudreza Ranjbar    
  •  Mehdi Dehshiri    


Arbitration as an alternative method of dispute resolution intrinsically is considered an exceptional institution. Being exceptional the arbitration institution requires to form it under the agreement of the will of the parties in the form of the arbitration agreement and thus until the parties have not agreed, Judgment is not imposed on them. Arbitration agreement is a contract in term of nature, and like all contacts must be respected the general rules of contract in it. The noteworthy point about this is that how is the observation of these conditions in arbitration agreement? In addition, this contract has the contents and conditions that the contracting parties agree to it and the basis of action of arbitrator or arbitrators is in the dispute settlement that it is interpreted as the specific conditions of the contract. The most important cases that often are noticed them in arbitration agreements and in the case of silence of the parties, the law governing the arbitration is replaced with their will in this regard, as follow: competence of arbitrator, language arbitration, the arbitration time, the arbitration costs, location of investigation and the number of arbitrators. The main question in this regard is this, how is the mutual consent of the parties of agreement in this regard. The answer to these two questions is the subject of this paper, which has been dealt with it through library studies and with the content analysis method.

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