Human Security or National Security: the Problems and Prospects of the Norm of Human Security

  •  Hasan Mahmud    
  •  Muhammad Mahbub Quaisar    
  •  Md. Abdus Sabur    
  •  Sharmin Tamanna    


The emergence of the norm of human security prioritizes individuals’ security over national security and conceptualizes poverty as the real threat to the security of individuals. Therefore, it urges for more attention to sustainable development as the functional strategy to ensure human security. However, in its way to ensure human security, the norm underrates national security and overlooks the role of the state in providing for human security. Consequently, the application of the norm of human security suffers from adequate support from the powerful states who are the most potential providers. To improve the efficiency of the norm of human security, it is necessary to include all states along with the non-state actors by reconciling human security with national security.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.