On Protection and Restriction of Private Property Right

  •  Hong Pu    


The Real Right Law of the People’s Republic of China is the basic law for regulating and protecting the property rights. The Constitution, as the fundamental law, adjusts the property right relationship too. The protection from Constitution is the precondition and base for protecting property right. The Real Right Law is to fulfill the principle of Constitution that ensures citizen’s private property right. To protect the property right, Constitution mainly aims at defending the country against outside. Its basic function is to define the country activity. As for the Real Right Law, it is to protect the property right by defining the property in case of invasion of other civil subjects. Both Constitution and Real Right Law offer protection for private property right and also impose restrictions on private property right. That is the national requisition system. This system imposes strict restrictions to private property right. Therefore, it is necessary to set up firm restrictions and constraints on the requisition system. According to the legislation of other countries, we can restrict and constrain this system from three aspects, namely the intention of requisition, the complement standards, and the process, driving the government to realize lawful administration, and protecting the private property right properly.

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