The Historical Gaps and Political Development Problems of Iran

  •  Seyed Shamseddin Sadeghi    


The analysis of the impediments to political development is one of the most important discussions which have major theoretical and political consequences. We cannot deny that fact that the forces influenced Historical Gaps can influence the Political Development of Iran. If we observed the process Political Development of Iran and the history of Iran we will find that it they have been evolving independently but still the changes in the environment of Iran have influenced them in addition to other things. These researches include the publications related to social and cultural history of the said period. In this paper we will initially identify the motivated ideologically and the state driven historiography trends. After that we will discussed it in contrast with the current evolution of historical studies of the period that is related to post-revolutionary Iran. In this study, takes Historical Gaps, a key element in this discussion, and explains the major Historical Gaps to political development in Iran.This paper focuses on the historical attitudes of people towards the political management of the society and the effect these attitudes have on slowing the development of this political system in the society. Historical Gaps will be extremely interested in this provocative text.

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