Concept of Abetment in the IPC (2013)

  •  Mahmood Rooholamini    


Undoubtedly, in many cases, the definition of a legal term or an entity provided by lawyers has significant difference with the definition provided by the institution of the legislature. Therefore, it can be distinguished between the concept of abbeting from a legal perspective, i.e., from the perspective of lawyers and the legal perspective as well as that of the legislature. There is no single definition of abetment from a legal standpoint, but there are various definitions of the term. However, the definitions have much in common. Iranian legislator has not defined “abetment” in the Islamic Penal Code (2003) but addressed some cases of behaviors that may constitute complicity in the crime. In addition, the Iranian legislator has extended the scope of the crimes that shall also apply abetment in IPC (2013). This is contrary to the principle of minimumality of criminal law based on the scope of the criminal law must be limited. In addition, the new law has serious flaws that have the current paper tried to remind objections and provide recommendations for amendments.

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