Verification of Crime Due to Violence against Women in Karaj City and Effective Factors to Prevent It

  •  Mahdi Momeni    


According to the new developments of criminology and approaches to crime victims. Victim – centered approach based on the conditions governing the development of crime and victim in order to prevent crime and reduce its implications are examined. A criminological finding suggests that some individuals for the reason that some of the special Features of biological and psychological and social victim are more at risk than others. Women often are in this context. The purpose of this research is to identify the types of violence in the city of Karaj.This research field of Karaj questionnaire about 384 women and using cluster and systematically implemented, at 2015-2016. The findings show that, there is violence in the mentioned society in various aspects. Most of the current violence is the psychological and sexual violence and economic violence is lowest. There is a direct and meaning full relationship between the notion authoritative man of his role and violence against women.Also there is an inverse and meaningful relationship between the contribution of the husband at home work and violence against women.There is a meaningful and direct relationship between men and women experience violence in their families and violence against women.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.