Review of Issues Related to Crisis and Its Management in Civil Liability Law

  •  Zahra Mohammadi    
  •  Ghavam Karimi    


Civil liability is a responsibility, which exist against damage caused and made causing damage to compensate. Civil liability means a liability to pay damages. So wherever someone is responsible for compensation against other one, there is civil liability. Civil liability laws enacted in 1960,there is no definition about responsibility and responsibility of the person has brought based on intentionally or fault of the natural or legal person including ordinary people or government employees and doesn’t say a word of Cairo forces in the realization of civil responsibility of states. There is a special relationship based on the civil liability between prejudicial and injured which is the same compensation. So, civil liability in a general and extensive sense covers contractual liability and tort liability because for both important issues to discuss about compensation. But the basic difference between these two back together the presence or absence of a contract between the parties. The scope of civil liability begins where is not present any contract for the fulfillment of the obligations between the parties. In this paper, the history of civil liability in relation to crisis management and its evolution, as well as the duties of the Supreme Council of the crisis in the form of materials and auxiliaries which have been approved are briefly discussed.

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