The Nullity of Non-Remarriage Condition in the Legal Mind and Judicial Decisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran Civil Law

  •  Ebrahim Taghizadeh    
  •  Seyed Ali Tabatabaee Far    


This study investigates the validity of man non-remarriage condition in Iran Civil law by using the judicial and legal analysis in descriptive and analytical method. The purpose of this study is to resolve some of the ambiguities surrounding this condition of the marriage document that can be used for the Bureau of family Court, lawyers, and other legal entities. Our survey shows that although there is no clear wording of the law in the Iran legal system. According to the judicial decisions and some of the Articles such as 959 and 942 in Civil law and the 1201/7 vote of the Supreme Court, it seems that non-remarriage condition in Iran Civil law is considered as instances of general negation and void, but its nullity does not impair the validity of the marriage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.